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Free Minecraft Server Hosting

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Free Minecraft Server Hosting Empty Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Post  craftvox on Sat Apr 05, 2014 5:19 am

We would like to invite everyone to create a free minecraft server.
If you are interested then please visit craftvox.com
- All free accounts are permanent.
- 3 servers to choose
- HDD 500 MB
- RAM 512 MB
- VRAM 2500 MB
- Max 15 process
- Website hosting and domain username.craftvox.com
- Java 1.7, perl, python
- One adress IP per server (Remember to change default minecraft server port).

How create account? :
Please log using SSH client (ex : putty):
Host:              craftvox.com
Port:               50 SSH
Login:             new
Password:     newcraft

If you have any question or suggestions please feel free to ask


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